Don't deal with plastic netting in your turf! We specialize in UN-NETTED Tall Fescue.

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Producers of Virginia's Finest Turfgrass Sod Since 1961

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 We specialize in Un-Netted Tall Fescue. 

(703) 361-8338

Who We Are

Centreville Sod was started in 1961 by Sheldon Betterly. Sheldon was a golf course superintendent at the time and began the farm as a sideline. Quickly realizing that both jobs required his full time attention, he left the golf course and put all his energies into his new farm. Sheldon's son, Craig started working on the farm full time when he graduated from Virginia Tech in 1978. Tim Demeria is the newcomer, he started in 1984. Sheldon retired in 1998 and Craig took over ownership. For nearly 60 years Centreville Sod has provided a quality product at a competitive price. Call or text Tim at (703) 361-8338 to order sod and to get all the information you need for a successful installation of quality turf. 

Ordering Quality Sod

Considering that sod is a perishable item and that timely installation is essential to a successful job, we harvest sod fresh each day (Monday through Friday) that weather permits. 

We only harvest the exact amount of sod that is ordered so that we don't have any sod getting old that will be needed to be sold the next day. Because of this we ask that all orders be in at least a day in advance, this way we can guarantee freshly harvested sod. Please call or text us at (703) 361-8338 to order your sod, if you don't get us please leave your name, phone number, and information on your order and we will get back to you quickly.


We are normally open Monday through Friday from 6:30 until 3:00. 

Weather is always a factor.


We Care About the Details

Our company pays special attention to the details of every order to help ensure the complete satisfaction of each client.

Contact Us

How can we help?

We love to help our customers, when your lawn looks good, we look good! Give us a call so we can give you the directions you need to be successful. 

Centreville Sod, Inc.

11806 Bristow Road, Bristow, Virginia 20136

(703) 361-8338

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